Industrial Design

Industrial Design

At Custom Valve Concepts our diverse industry experience allows us to cross fertilize concepts and ideas to fit new application requirements. We take a very proactive and independent approach to solving design challenges. Cross-functional team involvement creates optimum results in form, function and cost.

The common denominator to our success has been our excellent commitment to understanding the customer’s objectives to create a value-add with our results. Sometimes the challenge is conflicting goals in product design and the understanding of how to accomplish them without compromise is a core competency. As a team we take great pride in developing a design and build result that began as a “Unicorn Concept” and ended as a marketable product.

The Custom Valve Concepts process is to first define the parameters of the Opportunity to develop a Proof of Concept then create a Manufacturing Prototype to Test. Analysis of the test results then determines which components of the process are reevaluated before the Final Product is released.

Proof of Concept and 100% product inspection is accomplished with the use of our extensive in-house testing capabilities. Our machining capabilities include multiple 5-Axis machining centers, multi-axis lathes with live tooling, and laser engraving. Our complex CAD/CAM system includes the ability to make dynamic 5 axis offsets along with Renishaw probing to produce automated first piece inspection documents. Please see a few examples of our Product Expertise for an initial understanding of how we can support your product requirements.


Custom Valve Concepts Designs and Manufactures Products for a broad range of parameters.
0.005 GPM - 700 GPM
flow rate
Vacuum - 15,000 psi
flow rate
Cryogenic - 1200° F
flow rate

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