Paint Valves

Application Overview:

With some automotive plants producing cars & trucks at a rate of over 1 vehicle per minute, many paint valves can actuate over 2 or even 3 million cycles per year. These days auto plants use harsher solvents and extremely expensive and abrasive paints to achieve the amazing paint finishes they are producing.

A worn out or leaking paint valve can wreak havoc in a paint shop. Whether it is controlling paint, solvent or air, a failed paint valve cannot be tolerated. It must be changed out… and with as little downtime as possible.




CVC Solution:

Custom Valve Concepts has brought 75 years of valve design expertise to crescendo in this paint valve. It may look simple on the outside, but do not let that fool you. This valve is a marvel of today’s study of friction, wear, materials, seals, lubrication, the design of bearings - and the science of interacting surfaces in relative motion. If the valve ever does fail, it can be changed out in seconds.

At an extremely competitive price, you can buy the best paint valve in the world at Custom Valve Concepts.

Did you know???

In laboratory tests, CVC paint valves lasted over 4,000,000 cycles. In these tests we chose to use pressurized high-solids paints to represent worst-case conditions. Currently, we have over 200,000 valves in service.