Check Valves

Check Valves

Application Overview:

The requirements for a Check Valve are simple. 1) Allow flow in one direction, and 2) Do not allow flow in the other direction. However, most engineers see Check Valves as a commodity item and think that they all work the same. The problem is that most Check Valves leak… and in most applications, this is a very big problem.

Quality check valves - especially when made of exotic materials - can be costly and have lead times that are just not acceptable.

CVC Solution:

At CVC we make thousands of Check Valves every year. These CVs perform under extreme conditions and are 100% tested for bubble-tight shutoff. We pride ourselves in making dozens of variations and in materials ranging from exotic metals to high-performance plastics. Even custom designed check valves can be built, tested and shipped within a matter of a few weeks - and at very reasonable prices. High pressures?? …no problem.

Did you know???

Some like to use check valves as a relief valve that will not open until a desired pressure is achieved. This can be easily accomplished by increasing or decreasing the spring force.
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