Flo-Miser Flow Rate Controller


        > Materials of Construction: 316 Stainless Steel
        > Body Seals: PTFE
        > Maximum Working Pressure: 1440 psi
        > Maximum Working temperature: 400 F
        > Process Connections: NPT Female
        > Accuracy: ± 5% of setpoint
        > Repeatability: ± 1% of setpoint
        > Rangeability: 10:1 turndown
        > Response Time: Instantaneous

Flo-Miser Size Ranges Available

FM38 - 3/8" - 0.3 to 3.0 gpm (11 Lpm)
FM50 - 1/2" - 1 to 10 gpm (38 Lpm)
FM75 - 3/4" - 3 to 20 gpm (75 Lpm)

Typical Applications

The New Flo-Miser is an economical, lighter duty version of our standard flow rate controllers. It offers much of the same flow characteristics of our high-performance Kates Flow Rate Controllers at a substantially lower cost.

How It Works

The Flo-Miser combines a characteristic needle valve with an internal differential pressure regulating valve. By controlling the pressure drop across the adjustable orifice, the flow rate will always remain constant. Since the control portion immersed in the fluid is controlling response time to pressure variations is immediate and hunting and oscillation is eliminated.

Easily adjust your flow setpoint by turning the micrometer-like needle valve adjustment. Once set, the Flo-Miser will control your flow accurately, regardless of changes in your process.


Did you know???

In 1924 Willard Kates drove a Model A Ford from Chicago to San Francisco, CA. Quite an amazing feat at that time considering road conditions and what it would take to keep a car of that era running.
Kates Diagram