Design Process FAQs

Why would Custom Valve Concepts be a better choice than another product design company?

CVC has many advantages inherent in its legacy as a company. For over 70 years it has provided flow control products for every major industry globally. This exposure to a great variety of requirements and the corresponding challenges in design have created a depth of experience creates value in final design and the timing required to accomplish it.

How does CVC benefit my company if I have an engineering staff?

A different and broad perspective can be the difference between an actual New Product Development and simply a variation of a product that already exists in your offering. The diversity of our application base shields us from the situation of developing a myopic view in addressing challenging designs. Also, many times it is a matter of internal resources being taxed and opportunities being delayed without additional support.

Can CVC manufacture in addition to designing the product?

Yes, we feel a major contributor to our design success is that our manufacturing expertise is involved early in the project. Our designs then represent excellent form, fit and functionality that includes best manufacturing practices to make the most cost effective product. Our facility is capable of prototype to production runs.

What is your design process?

We have a detailed yet simple process to start a project. Please see our Industrial Design page for an overview. A project can vary in timing and the chronology of development stages and we adapt our process to the best solution for the client.

What is the cost of CVC product development?

The majority of our clients are interested in us developing, prototyping and ultimately manufacturing the product. In this situation, we are creating prototypes at a cost with a production quote following final design approval. Occasionally we are providing Non-Recurring Engineering services, the cost would then be determined by the scope of the project.

How do you handle confidentiality?

Mutual non-disclosure agreements are the typical vehicle to ensure all parties are confident and comfortable with the relationship.


I have a general concept of the component/product; but am unsure of materials, design envelope or other parameters. Can CVC assist?

Absolutely, we will employ our experience to identify alternatives to develop the requirements for the product specification.