Pressure Regulators

Application Overview:

Automotive paint applications are very difficult for pressure regulators. At a rate of one vehicle per minute these regulators must compensate for dramatic operation swings as the colors change from vehicle to vehicle. With each color change the pressure regulator will see a considerably different flow, viscosity and density and must be able to control pressure accurately regardless of these changes.

Special considerations must be made for conductivity of the valve materials due to high voltages used in automotive spray paints. In addition there are weight limitations due to the fact that these units are frequently mounted on rapidly moving robots. Because these regulators are cycled for each and every vehicle that passes by, they will see hundreds of thousands of operations yearly.

Modular Color Changer with
Air-loaded Pressure Regulator

CVC Solution:

Custom Valve Concepts has been involved in fluid design & high performance valve manufacturing for over 75 years.

Using the simple force/balance design incorporated in the Kates Automatic Flow Rate Controller, CVC has eliminated the effect of the variables stated above. Simply put, the output of this regulator will imitate the pressure loaded on the top of the diaphragm. Once activated, this regulator will respond at the speed of sound to any changes in flow, viscosity density or downstream pressures.

Because this is a spring-less design, there is no "droop" commonly associated with pressure regulators. This significantly improves pressure regulation accuracy.

Stand-alone pressure
regulator for air service.

Did you know???

CVC uses a dual material regulator diaphragm specific for paint applications!