Application Overview:

On average most Automotive assembly plants produce vehicles at a rate of one vehicle per minute. Whenever possible they group the colors so that they do not have to clean the paint lines as often from red to white to blue, etc. A typical robotic painting system can use over 500cc of solvent per color change. This cleaning process can take as long as 30 seconds.

If the cleaning process is not completely successful the next car will have overspray and will be pulled from the line for repair. This is very expensive and it can slow production. Simply put, paint repairs do not look nearly as good as a paint job that follows a clean color change. Conversely, too much solvent usage is expensive and ends up in landfills - it does not bio-degrade –this is a big problem for our environment.


SolvAir blends air & Solvent to produce an aggressive mist.

SolvAir as a component in a Modular Color Stack assembly


CVC Solution:

The SolvAir increases the turbulent force to enhance the chemical aggressiveness of the solvents. It precisely ratios compressed plant air with purge solvents. This mixture increases the solvents performance by saturating the air with solvent.

As a result, the SolvAir reduces consumption by over 75%. This supports reduced solvent costs, significantly lowers VOC emissions, and reduces color change/cleaning cycles by as much as 50%.

Did you know???

With a continuous cycle as high as 20 seconds the average life of a SolvAir is eleven years.