Product Expertise

Custom Valve Concepts has collaborated with OEM customers to create unique solutions and products for very diverse requirements in fields ranging from gas distribution to medical devices. Below is just a sampling of products developed.
Custom Valve Concepts Designs and Manufactures Products for a broad range of parameters.


0.005 GPM - 700 GPM
flow rate
Vacuum - 15,000 psi
flow rate
Cryogenic - 1200° F
flow rate





Vacuum Valve / Prosthetic Hardware

Application: Integrated valves to evacuate and seal chambers in prosthetic hardware. The vacuum is used to retain the prosthetic on the residual limb.

Solution: Created multiple versions of a vacuum chamber and valves to accommodate various levels of automation in the evacuation process from hand pumps to Bluetooth controlled internal pumps.

Modified Choke Valve

Application: Modify a standing choke valve design for use in creating plastic foam.

Solution: Enhanced an existing design while including new customer requirements and optimizing for manufacturability. Developed new valve trim from solid Stellite materials for greater wear resistance.

Check Valves

Application: Design a check valve for critical high pressure hydraulic application requiring small cracking and reseating range while maintaining seating during system pressure spikes approaching crack pressure.

Solution: Machined a special seat chamfer and incorporated a balanced piston design while meeting exterior envelope dimensions required by the application.  Critical machining tolerances were instrumental in accomplishing a successful design.

Sound deadener spray nozzle

Application: Create line of nozzles for spraying sound deadener in automotive and industrial applications

Solution: Created nozzle that housed a multi-orifice design. Multiple spray patterns and orifice sizes were utilized.

Gas remediation controller

Application: Designed flow controllers specifically for injection of air and oxygen gas into remediation wells.

Solution: Packaged single set point flow controllers from cost effective materials so that one could be put on every well at a soil remediation site. Some sites have hundreds of wells.

Special material applications

Application: Produce valves and other equipment from special materials.

Solution: Designed many different valves such as check and needle valves. Materials range from hastelloy, Inconel, titanium, etc.

Tilt cart

Application: Control speed of industrial tilt cart dumping

Solution: Flow control and check valve were combined into one unit to control the speed at which the cylinder on the tilt cart could move. The flow control would limit speed when the cart was dumped. The check valve would allow full flow in the opposite direction, so the cart could be returned to its upright position quickly.

Pressure regulating valve

Application: Design a line of pressure regulating valves that minimize droop for increased accuracy.

Solution: Created a dome loaded pressure regulating valve that could be ganged in parallel to support large flow rates.

Vacuum valve manifold

Application: Produce air piloted valve manifold to deliver vacuum to workholder

Solution: Improved legacy design of air piloted valve manifold. Simplified design removing one of two cartridge style valves, while maintaining same functionality.

Water filtration valve

Application: Control flow in single home water purification units

Solution: Created small, inline, plastic flow control to include in water purification system. Accurate flow control boosts the efficiency of both filtration and UV purification methods.

Automotive Paint

Custom Valve Concepts is a proud manufacture of paint system components that have been field tested over more than two decades. We continue to develop efficient designs and in addition to automotive applications we have expanded into new markets with non-automotive OEM's.

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