Automotive Paint Products

Compatibility – including but not limited to:

  • Air
  • Metallic Water-Based
  • Metallic Polyurethane
  • Metallic Epoxy Multi-Component
  • Metallic Polyurethane Multi-Component
  • Wide Variety of Solvents
  • Top Coat Water-Based
  • Top Coat Polyurethane
  • Top Coat Epoxy Multi-Component
  • Top Coat Polyurethane Multi-Component
  • Top Coat Epoxy


Water Borne       IK (One Component)       2K (Two component)


Color Changers

Lightweight, Air Piloted, Modular and Stackable design rated for 300psi.

4 Color per Slice with minimum 1.5 inches per color slice.

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Solvent Block

Solvair features Low Solvent usage in operation, Maximized Cleaning Efficiency using turbulent blend of air and solvent.

Cleaning cycle time is optimized.

Heavy-Duty service steel or lightweight materials, fixed or adjustable ratios, multiple connection types are available.

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Pressure Regulators

1:1 Air Piloted, Dome Loaded and Force Balanced design.  Conveniently field serviced.

Fast Acting, Spring-less and Minimal DROOP for improved accuracy.

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Paint Valves

A wide variety of Paint Valves for Water Borne, 1K and 2K Component Paints, Resins, Catalysts and Solvents used with Color Changers, Ratio Blends, Cleaning and Purging.

Weep and Non-Weep, Chemically Inert, Electrically Stable, Industry leading Life Cycles - Tested to Millions of Cycles, Low Piloting Pneumatic Pressure.

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Check Valves

Standard ¼” and 3/8” NPT, ¼” BSPP or Made to Order.  Small Overall Envelope.

Lightweight, Chemically Inert, Electrically Stable.

Crack Pressure designed to Specification. Integral to Block or external to Manifold.

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Intermediary and Accessory Equipment

Manifolds: Pump, Mix, Supply, Dump, Isolation, Selection, Custom Canister Equipment, End Plates, Custom Fittings.

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