Paint Color Changers

Application Overview:

paint color changers

Cars are painted at a rate of 1 vehicle per minute.  The paint is applied with an electrical charge in the tens of thousands of volts. The environment is extremely hazardous and the solvents are getting more and more aggressive every year. The paint being applied is thixotropic, meaning that it must stay in motion or it will be impossible to control.

These systems are often installed inside the moving arm of a robot and weight is a serious consideration. Add to the equation that the fluids characteristics (by paint colors) vary dramatically from one to the next. At upwards to $400/gal, wasted paint (overspray) is not an option. Lastly, you need to be able to change colors from one to the next in less than 20 seconds without any trace of the last color in the upcoming paint job... using as little solvent to clean the system as is possible... And... customers want an amazingly perfect paint job.



Solvent / Water Bourne
Modular Color Changer


Epoxy Paint (2K)
Modular Color Changer


CVC Solution:

CVC paint valve
CVC Paint Valve

Custom Valve Concepts has been making high-quality, modular, lightweight, corrosion resistant, plastic (non-conductive) high cycle life Color Changer systems for over 20 years. We design and manufacture Solvent based, Water borne or 2K systems. Pressure Regulators, SolvAir, Pump Blocks, Check Valves and many other types of high performance paint equipment. If you require something custom made, it is what we do.. It is literally in our name.

Did you know???

CVC’s long term expertise in design and manufacturing of paint system equipment has positioned us as a cost effective source for components and assemblies.