Intermediary and Accessory Equipment

Manifolds: Pump, Mix, Supply, Dump, Isolation, Selection, Custom Canister Equipment, End Plates, Custom Fittings


Application Overview:

Paint systems are demanding in process speed, quality and ability to change colors rapidly. There is also the need for minimizing color and solvent waste. Beyond the color changers, valves and solvent blocks there are many additional components that are required for the system to operate optimally. These components may divert, regulate, blend or shutoff as needed to deliver paint from source to destination. Proper design, sizing and material selection are necessary for a properly functioning system.

CVC Solution:

CVC manufacturers a wide variety of Intermediary and Accessory Equipment to ensure proper spraying and the best quality finish. Please contact us for additional information on:

  • Manifolds
    • Pump
    • Mix
    • Dump
    • Supply
    • Isolation
    • Selection
  • Custom Canister Equipment
  • End Plates
  • Custom Fittings
  • Bell Cups

Did you know???

CVC designs have reduced solvent consumption by as much as 75%!