Kates Valve

Water Brakes - Dynamometers

Application Overview

The engine crankshaft or drive wheels rotate the shaft of the water brake.  Water is flowed against the rotors creating a load.  A torque meter measures the reaction produced on the stator housing of the water brake. 

For all of this to work properly, a steady flow rate of water must be maintained to keep a constant load on the drive source.  This can be difficult if multiple dynos are running simultaneously – causing substantially varying supply pressures.


Kates Solution:

The Kates Flow Rate Controller will maintain the flow to the water brake regardless of supply pressure variations or load variations from the water brake.  The flow setting can also be remotely controlled for more advanced dynamometer applications.

Did you know???

The Kates Controller can achieve turndown ratios of 100:1. It's straight-line linearity makes it the perfect control valve for dyno systems.
Kates Diagram