Kates Valve

Soda Pop Bottling

Application Overview:

Treated water from a filtration system is injected with CO2 to provide carbonation. It is then fed to a proportioner where the syrup mixture is added to produce the soft drink. The flow rate of the carbonated water over the cooling coils is crucial. The solubility of the CO2 to water increases dramatically as the water temperature drops. A slight mistake in blend ratio can translate to thousands of gallons of scrapped product.

Kates Solution:

The harsh and sudden variations in water pressure in large bottling plants call for a device that can automatically and immediately compensate.  The Kates Automatic Flow Rate Controller responds to large pressure variations and literally at the speed of sound.  The mechanism that compensates for pressure changes is immersed in the very fluid it is controlling.  The Kates FC simplifies the carbonization process and will last for decades under these operating conditions.

Did you know???

In 1924 Willard Kates drove a Model A Ford from Chicago to San Francisco, CA. Quite an amazing feat at that time considering road conditions and what it would take to keep a car of that era running.
Kates Diagram