Kates Valve

Pasta Machines

Application Overview:

The quality of the pasta is reliant upon an accurate blend of salt water to the flour and other ingredients.   Accurate flow control of the water is necessary to ensure a uniform pasta surface appearance, color, taste, and consistency.  System water pressures are dramatically changing due to valves & machines cycling on and off which can cause many problems for systems without flow control.

Kates Solution:

The Kates Flow Rate Controller will accurately control the salted water flow regardless of variations in upstream or downstream system pressures.  Batch processes can easily be adjusted simply by rotating the flow adjustment dial to your desired setting.   In addition, the Kates FC can be cleaned inline by back flushing with steam or other cleaning solutions in the reverse direction.

Did you know???

The Kates Controller has been used on Pasta Machines for over 60 years? OEM manufacturers love the Kates FC on their equipment to keep it simple, accurate & reliable.
Kates Diagram