Kates Valve

Nitrogen Membrane Systems

Application Overview:

Membrane technology with nitrogen generators uses compressed air forced through a polymeric hollow fiber to selectively permeate oxygen, water vapor, and other impurities out of its side walls while allowing nitrogen to flow through its center and emerge as high purity N2 gas.

The O2, CO2 and Water vapor molecules are “fast” and quickly permeate the membrane.  The Nitrogen molecules are slow and if controlled at a rate to match the membrane size, purities of up to 99.9% can be achieved.

Kates Solution:

Set a Kates Automatic Flow Rate Controller at the N2 outlet for the optimal efficiency output of the membrane. You will achieve the highest production rate for your system while maintaining the highest purity possible. Once set, the Kates controller will automatically compensate for pressure changes in your system.

Did you know???

The Kates Flow Rate Controller will compensate for changes in pressure at the speed of sound.
Kates Diagram