Kates Valve

Mechanical Pump Seals

Application Overview:

Many API or ANSI plans for mechanical pump seals require flow control and call out a flow control valve or a flow orifice. If flow varies with pressure fluctuations, fluid is either wasted or the system is starved which can overheat the seals and cause premature failure. If the pump seal fails, the pump will incur severe damage, causing production downtime and significant repair cost. Below are two examples of the many plans for pump seal protection.

Kates Solution:

Kate's FCV has been and continues to be a go to product for flow control in mechanical pump seals. Compared to a standard orifice plate or flow restrictor, the seals will continue to receive a constant flow rate regardless of system pressure fluctuations. Kate’s also eliminates the need to size an orifice as the FCV is self-regulating. With plates and restrictors, orifice sizes are critical in the attempt to maintain flow, and the opening area changes with wear. The Kates eliminates any process pressure change considerations and delivers the optimized flow for long lasting and efficient lubrication and heat dissipation.

Did you know???

Pump seal protection was the original application that led to the design of the Kates Flow Regulator!
Kates Diagram