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Heat Exchanger Systems

Application Overview:

Heat exchangers are an efficient method of transferring heat from one matter to another.   Heating or Cooling fluids are passed across a tubing coil, plate & frames, or radiators to maximize the surface area of the heating element in contact with the process media.  The largest benefit of the Heat Exchanger is that it does not contaminate the process with the heating/cooling media.

There are many variables involved that need to be controlled to achieve an accurate and sustainable media temperature at the outlet of the Heat Exchanger.  Most importantly are the heating/cooling media temperature & flow rates - equally as important are the flow & temperature of the media.


Kates Solution:

Setting a fixed flow rate of either the heating media or process media eliminates an important variable and makes the system much easier to control. Using a second remotely controlled Kates for the other stream will dramatically improve the accuracy of the process by eliminating a second variable. The Kates Flow Rate Controller will maintain the flow of the heating or process media regardless of supply pressure variations. As an added bonus, you can use both process media heating media temperature inputs & output variables to your PLC (cascade control) and exponentially improve the accuracy of your system.

Did you know???

An actuated Kates Controller can achieve turndown ratios of 100:1. Its straight-line linearity makes it the perfect control valve for Heat Exchanger systems.
Kates Diagram