English Muffins

Application Overview:

The “Sponge Quality” of the English Muffin is dependent upon an accurate blend of water to the flour, nutrients, and yeast slurry.   Both the appearance of the muffin on the exterior - as well as the interior texture are selling features and are very important factors in customer loyalty.  Precise water flow control is necessary to ensure appearance, color and taste.  Because system water pressures are ever-changing - flow rates can easily change - thus having a dramatic effect on scrap rates.

Kates Solution:

By replacing the metering pumps of the older systems, scrap rates have been reduced by as much as 75%.  The Kates Flow Rate Controller will accurately control the water flow regardless of variations in upstream or downstream system pressures.  Batch processes can easily be adjusted simply by rotating the flow adjustment dial to your desired setting.   In addition, the Kates FC can be cleaned inline by back flushing with steam or other cleaning solutions in the reverse direction.  This flushing process wreaked havoc on the metering pumps installed previously.

Did you know???

It is rather ordinary for us to come across a Kates controller in the field still functioning after 40, 50 or even 60 years.
Kates Diagram