Sour Gas Desulphurization

Application Overview:

Crude oil contains Sulphur which during the refining process contaminates the various products. Crude oil refining requires the removal of Sulphur which is critical to producing valuable hydrocarbons that meet specifications. Under great pressures and temperatures a reaction takes place and Sulphur is separated from the product as Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S).

Kates Solution:

Kates Flow Regulators with specially designed internals to handle the extreme temperatures and pressures control the flow of hydrogen gas. The controlled gas is then injected into the process to combine with the separated Sulphur atoms to form the Hydrogen Sulfide gas molecules for extraction and recovery for use in a product for the fertilizer industry.

Did you know???

Kates has been supplying units in many refinery applications for several decades.
Kates Diagram