Instrument Purge

Application Overview:

Instrument Purge is critical in any system where fluid measurements are required, but direct contact between the fluid and instrument is not acceptable. The instrument is piped into an auxiliary line, connecting into the main line where the measurement must be taken. By maintaining positive flow through this auxiliary line into the main, contact between measured fluid and instrument is prevented.

Kates Solution:

By installing a Kates Flow Controller upstream of the instrument, flow through the instrument into the main line is ensured. The Kates Controller’s ability to control minute flows means that this auxiliary flow can be greatly limited, preventing excessive purge waste, contamination of the main process, or altered instrument readings. The reliable, purely mechanical operation of the Kates Controller allows for simple installation and strong confidence that no matter how your main process changes, your instruments are protected and accurate.

Did you know???

Kates flow regulators are also used for offshore drilling applications.
Kates Diagram