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Attemperator-Desuperheat Steam [.pdf 67 KB]
Automotive Test Stand [.pdf 67 KB]
Bleaching Raw Fabric [.pdf 67 KB]
Boiler Feed Pump [.pdf 66 KB]
Stain Blocker Coatings [.pdf 67 KB]
Chemical Batching and Dilution [.pdf 64 KB]
Heat Exchange System for Computer [.pdf 67 KB]
Air Operated Diaphram Pump Supply [.pdf 66 KB]
Dynamoter Lab, Engine Test Facility [.pdf 68 KB]
Hydraulically Driven Tooling System [.pdf 66 KB]
Mining - Ore Recovery [.pdf 67 KB]
English Muffins [.pdf 66 KB]
Reverse Osmosis [.pdf 68 KB]
High Purity Particle Counting
Pasta Machine [.pdf 66 KB]
Polymer Injection System [.pdf 67 KB]
Soft Drink Bottling [.pdf 66 KB]
Rotating Seals on Turbines & Compressors [.pdf 67 KB]
Shampoo, Hair Coloring [.pdf 66 KB]
Turbine Pump Bearing Flush [.pdf 66 KB]
Cogeneration Plants, Nox Water Injection [.pdf 68 KB]
Wire Manufacturing [.pdf 67 KB]
Customer List [.pdf 18 KB]
Partial Media List [.pdf 15 KB]
Partial Application List [.pdf 15 KB]
Remote Positioning Automotive Test [.pdf 70 KB]
Fuel Limiting [.pdf 67 KB]
Guide to Pump Seals [.pdf 1044 KB]
Air Flow Limiter [.pdf 68 KB]
Water Feed to Rollers [.pdf 70 KB]
Pump Seals [.pdf 69 KB]
Instrument Purge Header System [.pdf 293 KB]
Pump Seals [.pdf]

Flow Rate Controller