About Custom Valve Concepts

W. A. Kates Company was founded in 1942, in the city of Chicago. Mr. Willard A. Kates and three partners formed the company, then named Atom Tool and Die Company, for the purpose of manufacturing tools for the leather industry. Because the general public had no knowledge of atomic energy at that time, the name was very unique.

By 1948, the need for the tooling for the leather goods industry had disappeared. At that time, Mr. Kates bought out his partners and began a search for work, for the machine shop. This led to highly special work with unique metals for the pumping industry, the remnants of which we still supply today.

The original “Kates Flow Rate Controller” was designed and built in 1949, the same year Mr. Kates changed the company name to W. A. Kates Company. The original controller controlled flow using weights. In 1956, it was redesigned using springs. The controller was redesigned once more in 1963, to the design that exists still today.

The company was moved to Deerfield, Illinois in 1960 and conducted business there under Mr. Kates until October 15, 1984, when Mr. Kates sold the company to Mr. Frank A. Taube II. In July 1988, Mr. Taube moved the company to Michigan, where it is still located.

His son, John Taube, became President in 1995. John and Susan Taube purchased the company in 2005, and at that time, W.A. Kates Company's name was changed to Custom Valve Concepts. In 2014, Susan Taube became the majority stockholder, President and CEO of Custom Valve Concepts, and we are proud to say that we are currently seeking our Woman Owned Business certification.

We continue to be dedicated to the same beliefs which have made this Company grow and prosper. This philosophy is our motto: “To serve our customers as we desire our suppliers to serve us.” We look forward to helping you with all of your flow control, custom valve design and precision machining needs.